Smart content marketing distribution to get more leads everyday

Get your content analyzed by an intelligent agent and reposted automatically on social networks when it has most chance to resonate. Your exposure lasts forever.

Find all your content at the same place

The library allows you to store all your valuable pieces of content. Import your content via a CSV file of an RSS feed and have an overview of all yours assets at one glance. Manage your content easily and create a Repost in one click!

Intelligent automation

Take content marketing automation to the next level with an intelligent automation tool. Repost doesn't just share you content at regular intervals: it takes in consideration valuable variables that will help you effectively reach your audience and go viral again.

Main social media platforms supported

Repost can share your content to Facebook (accounts and pages), Twitter an Linkedin. More social media channels coming soon.

Repost features

Content centralization

Keep all your content pieces in the library where you can easily access and manage them.

Evergreen content recycling

Make the most of your evergreen articles by reposting them forever with no effort.


Set up your Repost once then sit back and watch it be published forever based on a calendar you created.

Bulk scheduling

Import and schedule all your content with a simple CSV file.

RSS import

Import your pieces of content automatically via an RSS feed.

Auto meta upload

Import any piece of content by simply adding a URL. Meta-datas like title and image will be automatically added to your Repost.

Messages options

Set up a few different messages per piece of content. Repost will automatically pick one.

Auto shorten URL

Repost will automatically shorten all your links.


Monitor you Reposts' performances with Repost analytics. (Coming soon)

Repost in three steps

Step 1

Link your social media accounts

Connect your Elokenz account with as many social media accounts as you want. Repost beta, Elokenz' intelligent automation tool, supports Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. More features coming soon...

Step 2

Set your calendar

Determine when Repost should share your content. Do it once and for all, Repost will automatically post on social media at those times, no need to set a time every time you create a new post!

Step 3

Create your Reposts

Repost automatically creates a message that includes your article's title, main picture and link. You can choose to customize this message or to create a few others to compare click-through rates.

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Increase long-term reach

Your content is reshared over time, multiplying your reach on the long run.

No more passive assets

How many published articles are sleeping on your blog ? Stop wasting money for short-lived content.

Save social media time

Stop "curating" your competitor content ! Fill your timeline with your best posts.

No more manual scheduling

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